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Pilm Underpinners

Automatic and Manual Underpinners

Pilm Automatic EC 2P

2 Positions Automatic

The Pilm Automatic EC 2P is a highly flexible machine suitable for joining any type of moulding. It can work in both manual and automatic mode. In automatic mode the machine can be programmed to insert one or more nails into the the two nail positions that you set via the locking handles on the side of the machine. In manual mode you can insert nails into multiple positions anywhere between the front and rear locking handles.

It is equipped with an independent adjustment for the front clamp pressure and hold down pressure to insure proper clamping of delicate profiles. The optional self leveling hold down can used to clamp wide profiles with varying heights which insures that the moulding is properly clamped while inserting nails. You can also lock out one of the hold down rods to use it as a single hold down.

The driver assembly moves underneath the machine which permits the hold down to remain in the perfect position to clamp your profile while inserting nails.

All of the controls and adjustments are located on the front panel permitting easy access.

Pilm Manual EC


The Pilm Manual EC is a basic machine for custom framers and the hobbyist alike who do not require the automatic cycle of the Automatic EC 2 Position machine shown above. It can assemble a wide range of profiles and frame sizes.

It is very easy to use and is equipped with a single hold down.

Available with a 120mm or 150 mm nail stroke.