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Manual Pneumatic Double Mitre Saws

Our Manual Pneumatic Double Mitre Saws are designed to precisely cut mitres for picture frames, windows, doors, and furniture components. It is a heavy duty saw built to last many years in a high production environment.

Manual Pneumatic Double Mitre Saws

T2300, T2350, T2400 and T2450

Manual Pneumatic Double Mitre Saws

The machine has a unique pneumatic control system which totally supports the weight of the cutting assembly allowing a very smooth down-stroke, precise cuts, and a quick return. These saws utilize vertical drop technology that was developed over many years in production, which reduces scrap, having a knockout as small as 1.6mm (1/16”).

During the cutting process, the moulding cannot move as it is held firmly to the workbench by four pneumatic clamps ensuring high quality cuts every time.

Standard Accessories for the Manual Pneumatic Double Mitre Saws

  • Adjustable down stroke speed
  • Fast readout measurement gauge and metric ruler to read the Internal or external dimension of the frame. (inch gauge optional)
  • Dual measurement stops
  • External scrap chute
  • Infeed and outfeed tables
  • Quick change blades
  • Emergency shut off button
  • Blade door with safety switch
  • Adjustable height blade guard
  • Two-hand control via thumb buttons
  • Two 1.5 kw (2HP) Braking motors
  • Two 80mm (3”) dust collector ports

Optional Accessories

  • Multiple vertical clamping system
  • Horizontal clamps
  • Mist spray cooling system
  • Refrigerating without lubrication
  • Right Extension with gauge
  • Left Extension without gauge
  • Special blades for wood or for aluminum


The AutoGauge has been designed and manufactured to meet the broadest range of applications especially when combined with A-Plus Automation T2xxx saws.

The AutoGauge has a width measurement device located on the left side allowing it to precisely cut the internal dimension. You can also use it for external dimension cuts
which is perfect for canvas frames or door frames.

T2450 PP

T2450 Power Pack Saw
The Power Pack Saw is equipped with several features that are unique to this saw.

The automated functions are programmed by the operator and stored with each profile in the PC.

Select from five different decent speeds based upon the moulding you are cutting to insure the best possible cut.

Includes: Safety guard, Width measurement device, Vertical clamps, Servo driven measurement arm, 12” touch screen PC, Horizontal clamps, Moulding database, Frame stacking feature, USB ports, Barcode function, & Lan port.

T2450 Manual Pneumatic Double Mitre Saw