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Fasteners, Wedges & Tabs

A-PLUS Framing Fasteners

The special steel “A-PLUS Framing Fasteners“ have been designed to improve the quality of the mitre joint.

Its special design allows you to get perfectly closed corners. The high quality steel along with the special silicone adhesive, that we’ve selected in many years of experience, provides a lubricating effect for smoother
penetration into the substrates being joined. All of these enhancements make our wedges the best quality available in the market.

PILM Division Wedges

The assembly machines of the PILM Division use “PILM” wedges.

Its special design allows you to get perfectly closed corners. The wedges are produced with single or double sharpening.

The “PILM” wedges are produced in high quality steel and in Stainless steel.

Flexible Tabs

A-Plus Automation boasts a considerable experience in the production of flexible tabs.

The tabs can be used with manual, pneumatic, automatic guns, or on A-Plus Automation’s robotic systems.

A-Plus Automation’s robotic systems are for the automated insertion of flexible tabs in mass production.

Ultramitre Blades and Service

Ultramitre is America’s #1 Source Of Picture Framing Miter Blades & Sharpening Services.
A-Plus Automation has acquired the assets of Ultramitre and moved its equipment to our operations center in Tupelo, Mississippi. We are up and running and able to provide the kind of outstanding blade service you need to keep your saws running smoothly.
UltraMiter American Saw Blades