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Single & Double Mitre Saws

A+ Automation offers single and double mitre saws for production shops, plus many other machines for the framing industry. We are the Autosaw experts! Call Today!

T300 & T350 Single and Double Mitre Saws

The T300 & T350 Mitre Saws have been developed to optimize productivity. They provide high speed cutting and high quality cuts.

These machines cut 45° angles on picture frames, doors, windows and furniture profiles. A horizontal (or vertical) hopper is available, depending upon the dimensions and type of materials used. The magazine hold up to 40 sticks of various lengths. These saws utilize vertical drop technology that was developed over many years in production, which reduces scrap, having a knockout as small as 1.6mm (1/16”).

A color touch screen PC with Windows gives you many helpful utilities to manage your work and production management. Barcodes scanner connection available by RS232 serial connection and USB ports included. An extremely intuitive software permits you to memorize over 5000 programs and, for every program up to 4 different cut sizes to optimize and reduce the scrap. Optional LAN port to link machinery together and for remote assistance.

Automatic Cutting Systems For The Framing Industry

Automatic Cutting System / T300 & T350 Autosaws

  • The double mitre saw blades are set at a 45° angle using a vertical drop cutting system which reduces scrap having a knockout as small as 1/16”
  • Vertical and horizontal clamps that hold the moulding during the cutting process
  • Fully programmable cycle with an automatic servo driven feed system
  • Complete with a vertical or horizontal hopper
  • The automatic hopper continuously feeds the machine in hiden time (1 operator can run up to 3 machines in production if equipped with the vertical hopper)
  • Various optional unloading belts can be connected: an optional unloading belt pushes the cut pieces into a work bin; an optional collecting conveyor moves the cut pieces to the joining area.

T300 Automatica & T350 Control Unit

  • 12” Windows™ color touch screen
  • 3 RS 232 serial ports, 4 USB ports
  • RJ45 network port (WiFi optional)
  • Solid State Drive
  • Remote service (optional)
Production capacity of the double mitre saws may vary according to different specifics like:
  • Length of cut
  • Length of moulding at in-feed
  • Type of moulding material and finishing used

T300 Automatica & T350 Double Mitre Saw

T300 & T350 Double Mitre Saw Software

  • A very simple graphic interface permits the operator to easily program the double mitre saw. There are several different access levels that are password protected to prevent unauthorized access. It is Multi-language capable including Chinese.
  • The interface shows real time production data.
  • Simple program creation; the operator enters the moulding info including, height, width, and the lengths to be cut. You can use the internal or external dimensions when programming.
  • Unlimited program storage capacity
  • USB back up
  • Programmable trim-cut setting
  • You can use the PC when the machine is in use.

Automatic Double Mitre Saws

Single & Double Mitre Saw Options & Accessories

T300 Autosaw SB:

  • Single blade version able to cut up to 75mm – Straight Cut.

Aluminum Cuts Accessories:

  • Mist spray cooling system.

Paper Wrap Molding Bed-Cutting Bench:

  • Specially modified working Bench to improve the quality for paper wrapped moldings cuts.

Horizontal Hopper:

  • Minimum length of moulding 1500 mm (59”) / Maximum length of moulding 3000mm (118”).
  • 2 motorized transport belts to support the mouldings.
  • Optional: Extension belt support +1000mm (39”) each.

Vertical Hopper:

  • Minimum length of moulding 1500 mm (59”) Maximum length of moulding 3000mm (118”).
  • Optional: Vertical magazine extensions +1000mm (39”) each.

Servo Driven Blade Descent Option:

  • This option increases the double mitre saws production quality and average output may vary to air flow variations. It saves air consumption, up to 85% since it uses a servo drive system instead of a pneumatic cylinder that requires 11 kW compressor to execute the vertical movement of the blades.

Extracting Clamp Option:

  • This option is mounted after the cutting system on the exhaust side. It reduces the end cut length and facilitates removing the short cuts. It exists servo-driven version.

Push Out Device:

  • Device that pushes selected size length cut pieces on an exhausting conveyor.

Servo Driven Multiple Angle:

  • Option for T300AutoSB:-45°/90°/+45°

T3xx Autosaw Mirrored Version:

  • This is the “mirrored” version of the standard machine. This version is used to connect two saws together to simultaneously feed one automated frame assembly robot.

Blade Rotation Tuning System:

  • This option allows you to adjust the double mitre saws blade rotation speed, also independently left and right, to increase the cut quality.

3 Ways Splitter Belt With Photocell:

  • 1300 mm belt with pneumatic system to select and divide out the cut pieces.

Exhaust Conveyor:

  • Exhaust conveyor that forwards the cut pieces toward the handling area.

Aluminum Cuts Accessories:

  • Refrigerating without lubrication

Clamp “B” Stroke Extension:

  • Total Length L= 1600mm

Mobile Application:

  • Application for mobile devices with O.S. IOS® or Android® that allows to manage production data and A-Plus devices.

Knots and Squeezes:

  • Sensor detector Kit & Software Update