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About Us

Solutions for the picture framing and woodworking industry

A-Plus Automation srl and A-Plus Automation USA Inc. specialize in research, development and production of equipment and solutions for the picture framing and woodworking industry.

T300 Double Mitre Saw

Our Roots

Giuseppe Raffoni in Italy founded the leading company in the framing technology industry in the early 80’s and is the inventor of all models of assembly machines now made and sold exclusively by us. He decided in the mid 90’s to create a team of technically qualified people to implement the experience gained in creating products for the framing sector and accepting the challenge of new projects aimed at process automation.

How We Serve You

We offer solutions for the smallest framing business up to the most intensive production manufacturers.  A-PLUS AUTOMATION was born with products for the cutting and assembly of frames and automation of frame assembly, of automatic systems for the insertion of flexible tabs and with the design and construction of robotic lines for high speed production. These high-performance systems have been adopted by many of the most important companies in the production sector, allowing a qualitative leap in terms of productivity.

Our acquisitions of Ultramitre and Pilm give us an even broader ability to serve our customers.

A-Plus Automation is committed to the continuous development process that has allowed us to be at the forefront of innovation, offering effective and technically superior solutions and the best Customer Service and Technical Support in our industry.